Employers have a legal obligation to train their employees and executives. Furthermore, staff-training is the most efficient tool in educating one’s employees and contributes significantly in changing their behavior.

Education and training are two factors of economy and society that influence all crucial issues of modern life. Therefore we constantly hear of “lifelong learning”, environmental education”, New Technologies Training”, ‘Internet-use training” etc. Undoubtedly, education is a gate through which we can introduce new concerns, new ideas, new practices. And at the same time, it is the pipeline via which we can infuse old knowledge so that it will be fully incorporated and will aid in transforming attitudes and behaviors.

Samaras and Associates Ltd. offers integrated tailor-made training programmes for all employees in the various fields of our business activities and more specifically on:

Health and Safety at the workplace

  • First Aid Provision

  • Safe handling of lifting machinery

  • Ασφάλεια ηλεκτρολογικής εγκατάστασης

  • Electrical Installation safety

  • Fire Protection – Emergency

  • Mindful Leadership

Division of Management Systems Development

  • Food safety and sanitation management

  • Quality Assurance Supervisor

  • Environmental Management Supervisor

  • Health and Safety at the workplace Supervisor

Moreover, we organize in-house training sessions, which are tailor-made programmes to meet the needs and address the special characteristics of every business. This approach underlines the success of the training session because we make the most of the time devoted by the personnel.

It should also be noted that all enterprises are entitled to fully cover the expenses of a training seminar making use of the 0.45% LAEK Account (Account for Employment and Vocational Training – OAED), managed by the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation, which offers an excellent opportunity for staff training.

Our trainers have a lot of work and training experience and they are listed in the Trainers Register of the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation.

All trainees receive educational material and a Certificate of attendance.

Training programmes can be conducted either in-house or in our Office’s fully equipped training room.




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