The Company

Samaras and Associates LTD General Commercial Registry Number: 058605304000 offer consulting services on issues regarding:

Health & Safety at the Workplace
Management Systems Standards Development
Product Certification
Business Organization

The above services are available to both private and state sector enterprises and bodies as well as to local authority organizations.

The Company is an integral part of ‘Samaras & Associates – Consultant Engineers Business Group’ which was founded in 1992 and specializes in the fields of technical, engineering and consulting services.

Samaras & Associates Ltd. was established in 2001 aiming to provide complete and total quality customer – oriented services (in the logic of one-stop-shop) by orienting the group’s focus on specialized customer needs and incorporating a team of experts in order to create a modern consulting company, which operates with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism to offer high-quality services that create a competitive advantage for its customers.

Our Objective: Continuous development by making great use of the parent corporation’s know-how and the constant hard work of our network of associates.

    • We enjoy the recognition of our work and contribution from all parties involved.
    • We have been established as the leading technical company in the area of Northern Greece.
    • We have been entrusted by more than 1500 enterprises throughout Greece and we continue to maintain stable lifelong relationships.
    • We serve as technical advisors for the largest enterprising groups as well as for the most esteemed sector-based institutions, charters and organizations in the country.

Following many years of successful presence we continue in the same way maintaining the same commitment to our goals and the same enthusiasm in our work.

Today our aim is to constantly develop our services by making use of our accumulated experience and our customers’ trust in order to provide high quality services and contribute in the progress and well-being of our country.




  • 43 26th Oktovriou str., LIMANI CENTER

  • Postcode 546 27


  • 10 Panepistimiou str., Syntagma

  • Postcode 106 71