1986 The Technical Office ‘Samaras Dimitrios’ is established in the centre of Thessaloniki.

1992 Upon recruitment of new engineers Samaras & Associates – Consultant Engineers is formed and the company continues to expand its operational activity continuously.

2001 Samaras & Associates Ltd. is established and in the same year the ‘mother- company’ expands its offices at 7 Ag. Mina street, specialising in consulting services in the fields of Health and Safety at the Workplace, and Management Systems Standards Development.

2004 Samaras & Associates Ltd. becomes the first licensed company from the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection qualified as a private Occupational Health and Safety Agency, based in Thessaloniki.

2005 The Company settles into new offices in ‘Limani Centre’ Mall at 28th Octovriou street.

2008 Certification of SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES Ltd in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001.

2010 Establishment of the new branch offices in Athens and expansion of operations.

2014 Certification of SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES Ltd in accordance with the international Quality Standards ISO 14001 and ELOT 1801.


  • Our Clients’ needs are always a priority, providing solutions for any problem.
  • Our objective is to achieve optimal solutions for our clients by providing high-quality services.
  • Our employees remain the real asset of our Group; therefore we constantly invest on their education and training.
  • Our actions are defined by Professionalism, Confidentiality, Credibility and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Our aspiration involves continuous improvement in the wide range of our company’s activities in order to sustain a healthy, long-term and profitable growth while showing our respect towards our customers, society and the environment.


  • To satisfy our customers’ needs in the best possible way, ensuring the optimal combination of high quality services.
  • To provide total quality services for our customers, who benefit from our specialised services and the combination of know-how and experience that comes from the wide range of our business activity.
  • To achieve maximum efficiency for our company.
  • To maintain and solidify the company’s place in the market, aiming to constantly develop and update our services in our field of expertise.
  • To care for our personnel’s proper management and provide continuous staff-training focusing on staff development, while encouraging the constant improvement of all our associates.


Our company is fully equipped, with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software programmes used to carry out accurate studies, trustworthy measurements, and support our wide range of business activities.

The company is equipped with the latest telecommunication devices, safe saving and information retrieval tools, networking facilities, and printing means to cover any possible need.

Moreover, the company has the necessary equipment to carry out workplace measurements, electrical-mechanical installations safety checks, energy saving checks, as well as building and installations energy inspections.

Additionally, we use IMS Technologies; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Last but by no means least, our company holds a rich library and extensive data base, on Greek and international bibliography, keeps a legal data base, resulting from our business activities up to date, and various other data bases to ensure the company’s smooth operation.


In 2005, Samaras & Associates Ltd. moved to a significant expansion by the relocation of its offices at 43, 26th October  Str. in the “Limani Centre” Mall in Thessaloniki and the creation of modern facilities and infrastructure.

Our new facilities soon became a turning point and an investment of strategic importance for the course of the company.

Another milestone for our company has been the establishment of our branch office in Athens in 2010, located at 10, Panepistimiou Str., Athens.

Apart from our offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, we also have a wide network of associates and representatives in all major cities covering the whole region of Greece.





  • 43 26th Oktovriou str., LIMANI CENTER

  • Postcode 546 27


  • 10 Panepistimiou str., Syntagma

  • Postcode 106 71