Classification – Marking of chemical substances in line with the new regulation for CLP 1272/2008 EU – Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in the National Register for Chemical Products.

The new EU Regulation 1272/2008 CLP is fully valid since 1/06/2015, in regards to classification and marking of chemical products. Very soon the authorised GCSL services will carry out in-situ inspections in order to secure the existence of MSDS, proper classification following the CLP Regulation, and their listing in the National Register for Chemical Products of the General Chemical State Laboratory.

Fines will be inflected in case of omissions or failure to comply.

1. Classification and Marking of Chemical substances and mixtures

All chemical products circulated in the Greek Market should be classified and marked following CLP, 1272/2008/EC for substances and SCC [Supreme Chemical Council] 265/2002 for mixtures.

All bodies involved in the supply chain (producers, manufacturers, importers, distributors) have the obligation to properly classify and mark the products they introduce to the Greek market.

As far as marking is concerned, current legislation requires the following:

  • Specific wording
  • Specific signalling (symbols)
  • Specific dimensions on labels and symbols depending on packaging size

2. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS, e-MSDS)

All chemical products intended for professional users must be accompanied by Material Safety Data Sheets in the native language of the market where the product will be released.

MSDS obligation in the supply chain derives from REACH Regulation No. 1907/206/EC and it is outlined in line with EC Regulation 453/2010/EC.

Moreover, pursuant to REACH Regulation for registered substances there is the requirement of an e-MSDS. The e-MSDS offers a description of the substance uses and it also includes all exposure scenarios for any use.

3. Listing of Chemicals in the National Register for chemical products

Pursuant to article 17of the Decree GCSL 265/2002, and article 45 of the CLP Regulation all producers, manufacturers, importers, distributors or suppliers of chemical substances which are listed as hazardous either due to their physicochemical properties (e.g. flammable, oxidative), or to their consequences on human health (e.g. toxic, harmful) are obliged to register their products with the National Register for chemical products.

After successful registration with the National Register a unique identification number is attributed to each product. Severe fines are imposed upon products that have not been registered as provisioned by law.

Samaras & Associates Ltd. has a highly-trained team of experts with long-term experience in the certification of chemical products, who can undertake on your behalf the following:

  • The proper classification and marking of chemical products in line with current legislation
  • MSDS preparation for substances and mixtures in the language of your preference
  • Preparation of an original label containing all necessary information, required in product packaging
  • Successful registration of your products with the National Register for chemical products.





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