Samaras & Associates Group co-organises the Money Show

Today there is a growing need for a national development plan. Therefore, the participation of the Institutions and local Business representatives in a continuous and fruitful dialogue is equally important. Within this framework, the 26th Multi-conference MONEY SHOW was held in Thessaloniki on 22,23 & 24 of May 2015 at HYATT Hotel.

Money Show was organised by Samaras & Associates Ltd. in collaboration with the Italian-Greek Chamber of Thessaloniki and Excess Advertising.

As stated by Mr Dimitris Samaras, CEO of Samaras & Associates Ltd., “the implementation of a National Development Plan should be facilitated despite the institutional framework. The first step for any development and growth in our country should be to detach the state sector and the Greek economy in general from the bad practices of the past, and of course, to remove the taboo from entrepreneurship. We should all realise that business enterprises is not only a private but primarily a national asset.

The basic areas that should be researched and become a priority in any National Development Plan are: energy, tourism, the agriculture sector, as well as the development of high-tech products, but at the same time there is a need for improving the institutional framework so that it would not obstruct any actions for development. It is imperative that we redesign all authority structures, such as the government, Ministries, Regions, Municipalities so that they aid in the development and growth of our country”, highlighted Mr Samaras. Businessmen, technocrats, business consultants and executives stood on the podium of the 120 events held at the Conference, as they analysed, proposed and presented the best investment practices and new business ventures start-up procedures.

The event, “Transportation – extraversion – energy: Pillars of growth for Thessaloniki” held on Sunday 24 of May was ranked the mostly-visited event of the conference and it stressed on the development prospects for N. Greece enterprises, the port, the airport, the International Fair as well as the investments of Natural Gas Company.

Our business group Samaras & Associates holds an active and substantial part in the realisation of private and public investments, acting as Business advisor and offering integrated Engineering and consulting services for every business activity.

t is noteworthy that the Money Show was carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior (formerly known as Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace), the Region of Central Macedonia and the Municipality of Thessaloniki.






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