Product certification

Certification that a product fulfills all EU Directives requirements and standards, and it is safe for use, is the ‘passport’ for free circulation in the global market (including the Greek market), since for a lot of product categories certification is obligatory (such as construction materials, electronic equipment, domestic appliances, and many more). Moreover, certification creates a culture of healthy competition and transparency in commercial transactions.

In case a product is imported by a non-EU country, certification is one of the obligations of the manufacturer and the importer-representative.

Patent of a product secures the competitive advantage and protects the manufacturer from bad practices.

Therefore, the significance of certification especially during the economic crisis is most important as it adds value to the product and creates new sales opportunities in demanding markets, while it also protects the manufacturer in case of an adverse event (accident while using the product or complaint by a customer or the competition).

More specifically we can support your business by consulting services and preparing the technical files and studies for:

• Product Certification CE
• Product Type approvals
• Patents and Patent Diplomas
• Design-Study and strength of materials assessment for products and constructions
• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Our company’s, Samaras & Associates Ltd., successful presence in this field is ‘validated’ by:

• The hundreds of our satisfied customers, who assigned to us the preparation and completion of technical files and products certification processes
• The remarkable 100% success rate in all our submission for patents documentation for our customers.

‘Product certification guarantees value for money’


CE Certification


Type Approvals (Certificates of Conformity)

Material Safety Data Sheets – MSDS




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