Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Liability European Directive 2004/35/CE is a recent major institutional intervention as it establishes a framework of Environmental liability based on the “polluter-pays” principle; dictating that the pollutant must undertake to full remedy any potential environmental damage. Therefore any enterprise irrespectively of size must secure all necessary financial and insurance guarantees that will protect it against such a possibility.

Moreover, there is already a very strict monitoring policy for all potential polluting business activities (such as producers, suppliers and distributors of chemical products – oil products, and enterprises specializing in the collection and transportation of hazardous waste etc.).

Samaras and Associates Ltd. has a long-standing and recognized experience on environmental management system issues; in addition, building on our group’s excellent ‘know-how’ on environmental studies, we have developed a division of specialized environmental services and we can offer you high-quality Risk-Based Inspection services.




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