Expert Reports

Expert Reports are carried out upon damages and accidents, of insurance, as well as business or private interest. They are mostly concerned with:

  • Conditions investigation & determination of the cause of the accident/damage

  • Evaluation of the extent of material damage and restoration methods

  • Appraisal evaluation for insurance contracts

  • Conformity with the terms and conditions of insurance contracts

  • Conformity with current legislation

Our Expert Reports are also supported, if required, in Courts or Arbitration procedures

We carry our Expert Reports for accidents / damage caused by:

  • Fire or explosion

  • Natural disasters (floods, landslides, earthquakes etc.)

  • Theft, robbery etc.

  • Mechanical and Electrical equipment failures

  • Technical works

  • Products transportation, stevedoring etc.

  • Project automobiles and Machinery

  • Bad use of equipment – installations

  • Human errors, omissions, failures

In Samaras & Associates Ltd., our high level of organisation and extended network of expert engineers, allow us to deliver promptly any Expert or Inspection Report. Prior to customer delivery, all reports are thoroughly checked by our associates, who have a vast experience in the field. During all stages of a report, numerous quality checks are carried out through our special E.R.P. software, and all required processes are followed pursuant to our quality management system which is in line with the international standard ISO:9001:2008.




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