Property Valuation

ΗThe Real Estate market is one of the most important pillars of global economy. The need for accurate and sufficiently documented property valuations, following the internationally accepted valuation standards, from qualified and highly-esteemed agents is more essential now than ever before.

Therefore, in collaboration with our Group’s Division of Property Development Studies, we don’t merely offer valuation services for residential, commercial, industrial and tourist properties, but we are in a position to provide you with all required information, recommendations and services in order to materialise your investment plans. We can operate as your Expert Consultant, providing documented proposals and solutions, studies, designs and all the technical services your need to make the best possible use of your capitals in property development.

One of our most specialized services is the valuation of movable items mainly for insurance purposes, for preparation of feasibility studies and of course purchase and sales transactions. Movable items include equipment, vehicles, electrical and mechanical equipment as well as general business equipment.





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