ISO 9001en

ISO 9001 is an international Quality Management Standard (QMS) and sets the requirements that any enterprise or state body, wishing to fully meet the standard, must fulfill.

A Quality management system must be functional, adaptive to change, and able to monitor the enterprise’s progress and respond to its special needs.

That way, by implementing the QMS, the enterprise improves its operation and eliminates usual errors.

The main benefits of QMS are the following:

a) Internal Benefits:

  • Improved Organization

  • Internal communication of information and operation auto-control

  • Identification of weaknesses or strengths

  • Proper use of human resources

  • Setting objectives and a clear action-plan

b) External Benefits:

  • Improve Brand-name

  • Gain a competitive advantage, increase market share and enter new markets

  • Better terms and conditions in agreements with Insurance companies

  • Better quality in purchased products and services

  • Better quality in supplied products and services

  • Leading advantage in future contracts with the state sector




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