Organic products certification is in line with the European Union legal framework.

A necessary requirement for the certification of an organic product is that all standards provisioned by the European regulations 834/2007/EC and 889/2008/EC are met during production, processing and packaging.

Organic products certification applies to all plant and animal production businesses and to all food processing enterprises.

The following categories include products that can receive organic certification:

  • All types of agricultural products (including aquaculture products) that have not undergone any kind of processing or they have been processed and will be used for human consumption

  • Pet-food

  • Plant reproductive materials and seeds for gardening and culture

  • Paste for human and pet food products


PDO products (Protected Designations of Origin) as well as PGI products (Protected Geographical Indications) fall under the EU Regulation No. 1151/2012 on quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs.

The term PDO (Protected Designations of Origin) refers to a product that originates in a specific area, region or in exceptional cases a country, and whose quality or characteristics are essentially or exclusively attributed mainly to the special geographical environment that surrounds its inherent natural and human production factors; moreover, all production stages are carried out within this geographical area.

The term PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) refers to a product that originates in a specific area, region or in exceptional cases a country, where a special quality trait, reputation or other characteristic is attributed mainly to its geographic origin, and at least one of the production stages has been carried out within the defined geographic area.

In our country, EL.G.O. DIMITRA, bearing the distinctive title AGROCERT, has been authorized to grant PDO and PGI certification to enterprises, in co-operation with the Directorates of Rural Development of the Regions.

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