ADR Consultant

ADR Consultant supports enterprises performing hazardous materials loading, unloading and carriage by road, rail or boat, ensuring that all activities are carried out in line with current legislation and human and environmental safety standards.

Part of the ADR Consultant duties is to carry out regular checks on safety issues at the freight cars and the enterprise’s stevedoring facilities, and more specifically he deals with the following:

  • Hazardous cargo classification and storage conditions

  • Writing up of procedures regarding compliance with the requirements set to determine hazardous cargo and check the equipment used

  • Consulting the enterprise so as to take under consideration the estimation of specific requirements during procurement processes, transportation means supply, as well as sub-contractors selection and appointment.

  • Setting the transportation indexes and etiquettes, the route and transportation documentation and the safety guidelines

  • Implementation of the appropriate emergency plans in case of an accident or incident

  • Investigation and, if possible, preparation of reports on serious accidents or incidents recorded during hazardous materials transportation, loading or unloading

The appointment of an ADR Consultant is a legal requirement for all enterprises performing loading, unloading and carriage of hazardous materials (mineral oils, chemicals, explosives etc.)

ADR Consultant duties can be performed only by specialized scientists who have undergone relevant training, hold the required qualifications and have been granted the license to practice the profession by the Ministry of Transport.

Our professional background in Health and Safety enhances our role as ADR Consultants.




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