Electrical Inspections Department

Testing the electrical installation of every building pursuant to ELOT HD384 standard is a requirement for every enterprise as provisioned by current legislation (M.D. ΦΑ50/12081/642/2006 – Government Gazette 1222/B/5.9.2006).

The check includes two parts: a.) visual inspection of the equipment and the installation, b.) check using testing and measurements in line with current legislation and standards

Certain checks are carried out without interrupting the normal operation of the electrical installation (ground resistance measurement, potential difference, thermography, voltage, frequency, current measurements etc.), and some others having terminated the installation’s operation (insulation resistance, RLOW, RCD check, etc.)

Once testing is completed the relevant Protocol is drafted, which is then submitted to the customer and it constitutes the written attestation of the findings.

Regular electrical installation checks is not only a legal requirement but it is also an essential procedure as it sheds light to any problems and electrical equipment failures that otherwise would go unnoticed and would pose a significant Health and Safety risk. It may prevent any industrial accident caused by electrocution and various other unpleasant incidents (short-circuits, fires etc.) that would have a negative effect to any enterprise, such as damages in equipment and sensitive machinery – networks, electronic files destruction etc.

In Samaras and Associates Ltd. all the aforementioned measurements are conducted by our specialized team using the appropriate and accredited state-of-the-art measuring equipment in line with Part 6 ELOT HD384 standard.




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