Occupational Physician

An Occupational Physician is the enterprise’s consultant on staff physical and mental health issues that may arise in the workplace. Assumption of duties by an Occupational Physician is compulsory by law for all enterprises employing 50 and more employees.

The Occupational Physician conducts a medical check of all the employees relevant to their post following their appointment or a post change, as well as periodic medical check-ups when needed. He carries out medical examinations and measurement of hazardous substances in the workplace in line with current legislation.

All findings of medical checks and any possible examinations are recorded by the Occupational Physician in the individual file of each employee. The files are confidential and are kept in a safe place inside the enterprise; where they remain at the disposal of the relevant authorities in case they request to see them. In that case the presence of the Occupation Physician is compulsory as he is the only individual to have access to the files.

Moreover, the Occupational Physician assesses the employees’ suitability to perform particular duties, he evaluates and records the examinations’ findings, issues the certificate of the above estimations and notifies the employer. The content of the certificate should preserve Doctor’s confidentiality and is available to the Health Inspectors of the Ministry of Labor, in order to secure both the employee as well as the employer. The Occupational Physician has the legal and ethical obligation to keep medical and business confidentiality.

Our Occupational Physicians, under the guidance of our Scientific Medical Officer practice preventive medicine in the workplace aiming to prevent occupational diseases and to safeguard staff health and well-being. That way, staff performance increases and furthermore, the enterprise is in no jeopardy of facing penalties following checks from the relevant authorities.




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