Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment includes the identification, analysis and quantitative estimation of risks in the workplace, as well as the determination of the necessary precautions and safety measures. A Risk Assessment is a fundamental legal requirement for all private and state sector enterprises and bodies irrespectively of the number of employees and their type of activity.

A thorough and documented Risk Assessment is a useful tool for every enterprise in an effort to prevent and deal with any occupational hazards. It includes:

  • List of the work activities in order to underline all possible hazards and current control measures

  • Risk analysis and evaluation of every site and post in the workplace

  • Quantitative risk assessment; the formation of a risk assessment severity scale based on hazard consequence, to facilitate the enterprise prioritize any decisions regarding taking the necessary control measures.

  • Measurements, if necessary, of the workplace hazardous substances (noise, dust, chemical substances etc.).

  • and last, specific and up-to-date measures to prevent and control any risk.

A Risk Assessment is an interdisciplinary study, therefore our team of expert associates from various specialties (mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, doctors etc.) participate in the conduction of the study in order to fully cover all cognitive fields depending on the type of activity.

Prior to submission, the Risk Assessment is being checked by the Project Manager, one of our associates highly specialized in Health and Safety issues. Upon completion the findings of the risk assessment are communicated and presented to the customer as appropriate.

We have developed a specific and original Risk Assessment methodology and our studies are recognized and accepted by all relevant authorities because they are complete, thorough and scientifically documented.




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