Safety Engineer

A Safety Engineer acts as the enterprise’s consultant on health and safety at the workplace issues as well as on industrial accidents prevention. Assumption of duties by a Safety Engineer is compulsory by law for all private and state sector enterprises and bodies employing more than one employees irrespectively of their type of activity.

Prevention is the main duty of a Safety Engineer, and he manages to successfully meet that duty mainly by following two courses of action:

  • Indirect prevention through suggestions and guidance to the employer and the staff
  • Direct prevention through staff training on health and safety issues

Apart from the direct, practical result of overall awareness and updating, staff-training presentations and guidance on safety is most important as it attests the enterprise’s constant and genuine interest on staff well-being and the promotion of health and safety issues.

The role and duties of the Safety Engineer are a key factor for the smooth and effective operation of an enterprise; the latter can build on the advices and the training role of a professional Safety Engineer from a specialized company and manage to:

  • Eliminate any hazards for its employees
  • Reduce the possibilities and the consequences of an industrial accident that carries huge impact both from an economical as well as an ethical aspect
  • Avoid any penalties from the relevant authorities

Therefore, any enterprise that co-operates with us has the opportunity to gain a valuable advisor, and not merely abide by a formal legal obligation.

It is common knowledge that our Company is the only one that, within the framework of Samaras & Associates Group, can provide high standard services focusing on issues that an ‘average’ Safety Engineer ignores, and this is our competitive edge over all other Health and Safety Consultants, because our group’s activities in all relevant fields allow us to examine any case from various aspects and deal effectively with all health and safety issues.

That is to say that the know-how and expertise is shared and communicated among the departments and the activities of our group [of companies] in such a way that our associates do not act merely as Safety Engineers but they are able to provide a wide range of information and technical consulting for the customer.




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