Safety Plan

Both the Safety File and Safety Plan are obligatory legal requirements for any project. The Safety Plan aims to identify, prevent and minimize the risks faced by the employees and any third parties affected by the project. The Safety File aims to determine, prevent and control the risks of the project users during any future maintenance, transformation and repair works throughout the project’s life cycle. The Safety Plan offers a detailed description and identification of the regulations and safety measures set in the project-site, taken under consideration the works due to take place. Moreover, it includes details of the site’s and posts’ accessibility, an analysis of the working methods per phase of construction, staff and vehicles’ circulation in the site, the identification of storage spaces, waste disposal and hazardous materials disposal conditions, as well as the location for WC, canteens and First Aid facilities, and a study for the construction of scaffolds. The Safety Plan may be reviewed and revised to reflect the project’s progress and any possible modifications.

The difference between the Safety File and the Safety Plan is that the latter aims to prevent any risks that may arise during the project works, whereas the File targets to prevent any future risks throughout the project’s life cycle. Therefore, it is most important to develop a thorough and detailed Plan, even if there is a need for review prior to commencement of the project works (and be revised to reflect the progress of the project), conversely the Safety File should be revised during the course of the project works following any project modification in order to be finalized upon completion of the project having included all “construction” elements and useful guidance.

The documented and analytical Safety Plans carried out at Samaras & Associates Ltd. are a key-factor for efficient Risk Management in any technical project.




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