Worksite Measurements

The consequences from physical, chemical and biological agents at the workplace have a negative effect on employees’ health and safety.

As a result, measuring these hazards is an essential requirement for every enterprise, as this is the only way to recognize and evaluate them quantitatively in order to apply the necessary control measures to protect staff health and safety. Nowadays, of course, workplace measurements are also a legal requirement and failure in legislative limits may impose various administrative sanctions and penalties upon the enterprise.

For example, no one can estimate quantitatively noise levels in a workplace in order to determine the necessary means to minimize employee’s noise exposure. Likewise it is impossible to estimate qualitatively the extent of a hazardous substance in the air. Measurements are needed in order to avoid under-estimating the risk which can pose a severe threat on employees’ health, or over-estimating it which will result in taking extreme measures that will be an unneeded financial expense for the enterprise.

The physical hazards in the workplace are noise, dust, lighting, temperature, humidity and more.

The measurements of chemical hazards include detection of chemical substances in gas, solid or liquid form.

Last, the biological hazards measurements (microbial load, fungi etc.) are carried out by our company.

Special instruments and specific methodology are required for carrying out measurements. Moreover, when the latter are conducted by highly esteemed specialists with extensive experience and scientific background the results are guaranteed.




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